Job Retention Bonus

Further to the Chancellor’s summer statement on 8th July 2020, there has now been further guidance published by HMRC regarding the bonus scheme.


The Job Retention Bonus allows employers to claim a one-off payment of £1,000 for every employee they have previously received a grant for under CJRS and who remains continuously employed through to the end of January 2021.

Eligibility – Employers

This is relatively simple, and ALL employers are eligible, as long as they have:

  • complied with the obligations to pay and file PAYE on time and have submitted Real Time Information (RTI) reporting in a timely fashion for all employees;
  • maintained enrolment for PAYE Online, and
  • have a UK Bank Account.

Details of the relevant Job Retention Scheme (JRS) claims must be available if HMRC request such information.

Eligibility – Employees

For a claim to be valid for any employee, they will need to:

  • have been furloughed and have had a valid JRS claim submitted;
  • have been continuously employed by the employer from 1st November 2020 through to 31st January 2021;
  • must earn at least the National Insurance lower earnings limit between November and January 2020, which currently stands at £520 a month, and have been paid a total of £1,560 across a 3-month period, i.e. an employee could be paid £300 in November, £500 in December and £800 in January, making a total of £1,600 across the three months;
  • have the £1,560+ shown on relevant RTI submissions; and
  • must not be working their contractual or statutory notice period which started before 1st February 2021.

Additional information

Further details regarding the claim process are due to be released in September 2020, so we will keep updating our website as details are released.

There is currently further guidance available on the following Government website, relating to:

  • Employees who have been transferred through TUPE.
  • Employees who have returned from parental leave.
  • Employees who are military reservists.
  • Employees who have been or are on Fixed Term Contracts.

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