July Deadlines

There Are Three Important HMRC Deadlines This Month;

31st July: Deadline Your Self Assessment Second Payment On Account.
On the 31st July 2013, you need to make your second payment on account for the 2012-13 tax year.
Payments on account are part payments towards your next tax bill. You don’t always have to pay these – it’ll depend on the amount of tax due and the kind of income you receive.
HMRC will usually send you a ‘Self Assessment Statement’ that shows how much you owe or you can check your tax bill online or contact us.
See our useful links page: for where to make your self assessment payment.

31st July: Deadline For Renewing Your Tax Credits.
You can’t renew without your renewal pack which you should have received between 19th April and 28th June. The final deadline for renewing is usually 31st July. You can renew in one of the following ways:
* Completing the Annual Declaration form (TC603D or TC603D2) and returning it to the Tax Credit Office in the reply envelope provided.
* Calling the Tax Credit Helpline.
You can’t renew online.

6th July: P11D Submission
Forms P11D, P9D and P11D(b) must reach HMRC by 6th July. Your payment of the Class 1A NICs declared on form P11D(b) must reach HMRC by 22nd July, or by 19th July if you pay by cheque.

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