Granny becomes a tax break!

PARENTS who silently curse the children who will not leave home — or the granny who has just moved in — can breathe again. The government is about to turn them into a tax break.

Previously anyone who built a “granny flat” with its own front door had to pay full council tax on it, unless the occupant was a dependant. Now ministers plan to offer a 50% discount if the occupant is a relative. The move acknowledges the trend for three generations to live in the same home.

Eric Pickles, the communities and local government secretary, said: “Removing the family tax penalty on annexes and home improvements will help provide more affordable housing and strengthen the bonds that tie society together.”

It could be good news if the children move back home – as long as you can eventually get rid of them.

To read the full article see last weekend’s Sunday Times:

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