Romantic Brits to spend £880m on Valentines this year (and, yes, it’s mostly men paying)

Brits are expected to spend £880m celebrating Valentines Day – and most of the money will be spent by men.

A study of 5,000 adults showed men will spend a staggering £611m on presents for their other halves.

Meanwhile, women will spend just £269m…

Big spenders: Brits will spend about £880m celebrating Valentines and it’s mostly men paying.

The research found that two thirds of men quizzed in the poll for Travelodge will spend £39.99 on presents – £4.41 more than they spent last year.

However, the figure is much less for women whose average spend it’s around the £20 mark which is almost £2 less than last year.

Meanwhile, businesses are hoping to cash in on the big spenders hoping to impress their partners.

Chocolate chain Thorntons is producing an extra 1 billion individual chocolates made with 110,000 kg of chocolate to cater for the increased demand.

Happy Valentines!!!

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